My First Blog Post

Hello, and welcome to my blog.

I have wanted to start a blog for months, possibly years, but I always seemed to find an excuse to put it off.  Most recently was getting married, but enough is enough.

My initial reason for starting a blog was that I wanted somewhere to post all of my recipes. I used to be very overweight and these are the recipes I used, which helped me lose just over 5 stone. I have been maintaining that weight-loss for over a year and have continued to expand my recipe collection even further.

My secondary reason for blogging was make up and beauty. I have very sensitive skin and I have had allergic reactions to moisturizers and make up products…some of which are specifically designed for sensitive skin! And I thought I may be able to share my experience so that it helps someone else. Also, as a redhead, I find it very hard to find makeup that is suitable for my skin tone. I have found the makeup that works for me and a lot of makeup tips for those who like me, have very fair skin.

If these seem to interest you, stick around!




6 thoughts on “My First Blog Post

  1. Shridevi says:

    Enjoy your blogging journey Laurie!
    I just nominated you for Liebster Award, do take a look. Let me know if you want me to send you the questions over, because copy option is disabled on my blog..xX Hope you enjoy doing the tag.

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  2. Christine Goodnough says:

    Hi. Just popped over from First Friday to wish you “Happy Blogging.” Congrats onth e weight loss!
    I see you have two important things done already, with a Recent Posts and a Follow Blog widget installed. Now you just need to up your tags and categories.
    Categories and Tags become your blog’s filing system once you have dozens of posts done. I recommend doing categories like filing cabinet drawers — as you have done in your main menu above. Very good! The tags are like files in the drawer. Word Press allows up to 15 in combination, so use as many as are pertinent to your post. Tags like Personal, Health, Diet, Food, and Blogging could be added to this post. Check out for more ideas.
    Another thing you might like is to change the colour of your background. If you click on Customize, one of the options the pop-out menu gives you is Colors and Backgrounds. You can experiment and try out all the colours of the rainbow if you like. If you see a colour you think really suits your blog, matches your header and such, hit the Save and Publish button at the top left. Until you hit that nothing changes.
    All the best.


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