Nail Varnish – I think I am obsessed…

Over time everyone’s makeup and cosmetics collections grow but my nail varnish collection is ridiculous. I have far too many shades, which are mostly purple. I even have the exact same colour from different brands! 

These are my current collection. I went through them about a week ago and gave some of them away to friends and family. I tend to be given them as presents, and they are occasionally veryyy far away from the sorts of colours I like and would actually wear. I hate wasting things so giving them away to people who want them is always good.

My nail routine is something that has evolved over time so I thought I’d share how I do my nails.

The first step is to moisturise. I moisturise my hands in the morning once I have done my makeup and at night before I go to bed. I feel like making sure your hands look nice naturally is the key to making your nails look good, regardless of whether you have painted your nails or not. 

This is the product I am currently using. It’s from Wilkinson’s and it cost me 95p!! Yep, it’s definitely a bargain. It smells incredible! On the back of the bottle it says “This is not a food” which means it has to smell pretty good! They had sooo many other ones but I just love the smell of Rhubarb.

The second step is cuticle care. I use a product that is designed for your face, to help dryness. So if it works on my face, then why not use it on my hands too? I am all for using products which are dual purpose. Anyone else saving for a mortgage?! I only started using this product about 2 weeks ago and it has honestly made such a difference to my cuticles. I apply this after I have applied my night time hand moisturiser. I get some of the product on the back of my hand and then I massage it into the cuticles. 

This is product I am using. It’s from The Body Shop and I got it in the sale for £5 about 3 weeks ago. It’s so incredibly moisturising! 

The third step is to get your nails how you like them. This could mean cutting your nails or filling your nails into a particular shape. I personally like my nails to be rounded. I feel like this step makes your nail varnish look more professional.

The fourth step is to paint them. I am currently obsessed with Gel Polishes or ones that have a Gel Effect. I feel like these polishes last longer and have more of a shine to them. I tend to apply two thin layers of the coloured nail varnish. This way the nails dry quicker. Also, always start painting your nails with your non-dominant hand first (I am left handed so I will paint my left hand first and as it’s drying, I start to paint my right). 

And my final step us to apply a top coat. This definitely helps your nail varnish last longer. Without a top coat my nail varnish would last 1 or 2 days before chipping, but with it, they last about 5 days.

Whilst I know these steps may seem time consuming, but they honestly aren’t. If you give these steps a try, your nails will look so good and the varnish will last. But if you want a quicker routine, maybe for a night out, just do steps 1 (for about a week before the event) step 3 and step 4. 




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