Recipe: Cherry Bakewell Porridge

This has to be one of my favourite breakfasts. Actual Cherry Bakewells are my favourite sweet treat ever so when I was losing weight, something that would come close to recreating that flavour was always a winner with me!


40g Oats

125ml Skimmed Milk

3g Flaked Almonds

80g Cherries

5g Honey


  • Mix the oats and the milk together. I tend to make this part up the night before and leave it in the fridge overnight. I find that the oats absord more of the milk that way.
  • Heat this mixture until the oats have absorbed the milk. I heat mine for 1 minute 30 seconds in the microwave.
  • Then add the cherries, flaked almonds and honey
  • Sit down and enjoy!




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