My Makeup Tips for Redheads

When I started this blog I knew I wanted to share my makeup tips. To go with this, I have included details for the products that I currently use and the shades. The title of this post may be about redheads but most of these tips will work for anyone who is fair skinned. All products are drugstore/high street items so are affordable. While they are affordable, I would recommend waiting until there is a deal on for the products you want or getting yourself a Boot Card/Superdrug Beauty Card as you earn points
for what you buy and this can then be used to take money off another purchase.


As someone with fair skin, I cannot count the amount of times that makeup has been the wrong shade for me. In the past I would have stored the product away, never used it, and eventually thrown it away. This has happened sooo many times. Recently I picked myself up an Olay BB cream in the shade ‘light’ but it was still too dark for me. Olay is my absolute favourite moisturiser brand, it still is. And I have used the Olay Complete Lightweight 3in1 Moisturiser Day Fluid SPF15, but the one for sensitive skin, for years! In the past 6 months or so, I have seen Shade Adjusting Drops (light and dark) come onto the high street. In my opinion, you don’t need to buy these. But I assume that the light one would fix the issue I had with my Olay BB cream. To save money, I use my trusty Sensitive Skin Moisturiser Day Fluid and mix that in with some of the BB cream. I put a bit of both on the back of my hand and I mix them together and then put it on my face. I have tried this trick with foundations, BB and CC creams, liquid concealers etc. and it honestly does work! Just judge the amount of moisturiser you need based on how many shades the colour of your makeup needs to lighten. As everyday wear, I wear a BB cream but if it was more of an occasion, so a birthday, a night out or Christmas etc, I wear a foundation instead. And then I set the BB cream or foundation with a pressed powder as I have fairly oily skin. This definitely helps my makeup last all day!

I have found that using a blush does wonders. In my teenage years I would apply makeup to hide my rosy cheeks, but now, I actually add a product into my makeup routine to give the look I used to try so hard to avoid! I think the trick here is to use the colour blush that is similar to your natural flush. A pink blush can be tricky to not overuse and a peach blush looks a bit more subtle. That being said, I use a pink blush!

I personally avoid using bronzer on a daily basis. As a redhead, I don’t think that being bronze looks natural. Because let’s face it, we don’t tan do we? And I like the contrast between the bold colour of my hair and my pale skin. Using a bronzer can hide that a bit too much for me. I do use bronzer if I am going on a night out clubbing, if I want my makeup to be a bit more dramatic.

A newfound love of mine is contour and highlight. I tend to use contour daily, and highlight on special occasions. I actually use a highlight and contour kit which is in the ‘light’ shade. And it actually suits my skin tone! I think it’s very easy to use a contour that doesn’t quite look right and you end up looking muddy or dirty. That’s not a good look! But the one I use, is amazing for us redheads and those with pale skin.


Under eye brightener is something I use to cover my dark circles. I don’t know if it’s something that people with a warmer complexion get as much but I feel like for those with a paler complexion, it’s more prominent.

Eyeshadow base is something that I started to wear recently. I hadn’t really noticed it before but I have visible purple veins on my eyelids so I use a liquid concealer to add a bit of colour to cover these veins and as a base for my eyeshadow.

There is a lot of difference in opinion over whether redheads should wear brown or black mascara. I personally wear black but I know of many redheads who choose to use brown. Brown is definitely more natural but I feel like black mascara makes my eyes stand out more. This is really down to personal preference so give both a try and decide which you prefer. If I needed to be out the door in 2 minutes and had no makeup on whatsoever, I would spend those 2 minutes putting on mascara. I wouldn’t ever leave the flat without it!

Depending on which colour mascara you wear, I would match your eyeliner to it. This is unless you want to create a particular eye look which means that you means you need a different colour.

In terms of eyeshadow, anything’s fair game. I love to wear smoky eyeshadow but I also love to add some colour with greens or purples! Redheads can get away with almost any colour. I personally stay away from pink and orange eyeshadows. But that’s just my opinion! I feel like they can be too close to my hair colour or blush colour. But I have seen many redheads look amazing with these colour eyeshadows.

Eyebrows really do frame your face so it’s worth putting some effort in here. This is something I only really started doing fairly recently. The general maintenance of a brow is a must, in my opinion. But being a redhead, I feel like my brows need a little extra colour to help define them and make them stand out. To do this, I use a brow pencil. It is sooo easy to use and I wish I had used them earlier. I keep my eyebrow shape fairly natural, just with the obvious tidy up, no uni-brows thank you! And then I use the brow pencil to fill in the brow.


For my lips, I tend to favour a soft pink lip gloss as my everyday wear. When it’s an occasion, I have worn a bolder lip colour, so a berry or a reddish nude. I am yet to find a bold red that is as pigmented as I want and works with my hair colour. I am open to suggestions so if you know of a lip product I can try, leave it in the comments! I personally stay clear of orange lip products as it will either match your hair or look like you tried to match your hair colour and missed! 

I absolutely love a pink lip balm. I recently found an incredible lip balm that not only helped my dry lips, but also added colour so I didn’t need lip stick or gloss! I had been using a lip balm for about a week because my lips were so sore and cracked but within 1 day of using this lip balm, my lips were back to normal. I tend to find that the changes in season affects my skin in general, but especially my lips.

The products I use are:

Olay Complete Lightweight 3in1 Moisturiser Day Fluid SPF15 sensitive 100ml 

Olay Complete BB Cream SPF15 Skin Perfecting Tinted Moisturiser 50ml – Fair

Natural Collection Cover-up Stick – Fair

Collection Illuminating Touch Concealer

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – Fair Shade 1

Sleek MakeUp Face Contour Kit – Light

Sleek MakeUp Blush – Rose Gold

Sleek MakeUp i- Divine Eyeshadow Palette- Storm

Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Liquid Foundation 30ml – Shade 102

NYX Professional Makeup Micro Brow Pencil – Auburn

Rommel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer – 26 Noir

Rimmel Super Curler Mascara – Black

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder – 003 Peachy Glow

Carmex Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm Peach Sheer Tint SPF15 2g

If anyone has any suggestions of products they like to use, please leave them in the comments section. I will definitely give any suggestions a try! Any excuse to buy makeup is good with me!!




3 thoughts on “My Makeup Tips for Redheads

  1. Katie Harrison says:

    Ahh these are such good tips! I have a fairly dark complexion and naturally really dark coppery hair so I love bronzer if I try to match it to my hair colour (and apply v v sparingly!) , I find it actually looks really nice and natural! Might want to try this? xx


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