My Favourite Homemade Face Mask

As someone who has very sensitive skin, making homemade face masks has become the norm for me. I have had sooo many allergic reactions from makeup and skincare products that I don’t trust others to not cause a reaction. I always test makeup on my neck, before I use it on my face. I use my neck because it’s the closest to my face without actually being on my face. I did try testing things on my arms but with wearing long sleeves, I couldn’t be sure that the product was actually getting into my skin, and not coming off onto my clothes. And I always leave the product on my neck for at least 8 hours because this way I am more likely to get a reaction, if there’s going to be one.

Whilst I initially used this face mask about 2 months ago when I had some redness from a reaction to cosmetics, I now use this as a spot treatment. And for general skincare. This face mask is multipurpose and it uses items that I already have in the flat. And they are cheap products too! Once a week I use this face mask and in between then if I have a bad spot, I make up a batch and dab it directly on that area. The batch will last for 2-3 days in the fridge so what I do is apply it daily to the spot in that timeframe.

The Ingredients are:

10g Oats – a natural anti-inflammatory

5g Honey – a natural antibacterial

2 Tablespoons hot Water – it’s hydrating

To Make the Face Mask:

  • I use the same oats that I use for my porridge. This means that I have an extra step to this (but it means that I haven’t had to spend money on this product). I blend the oats. This makes them more powdery and they work better (I tried without blending them and it makes for a better consistency).
  • I put the blended oats in a bowl and add the honey.
  • Then add hot water to this mixture. Stir it well.
  • Leave this mixture somewhere until the water has cooled and the oats have absorbed the liquid.
  • Once the mixture is cooled, wet your face using warm/hot water. This opens your pores and will mean that the face mask can get into the skin better.
  • Now apply the face mask to your face (across your whole face if you want or directly onto a spot).
  • Let the face mask dry on your face. This will take about 10-15 minutes.
  • Now wash the face mask off. Because it’s dried, this will take some work. I use hot/warm water as this helps clean the face mask out of the pores.
  • Once the mask is off, use cold water to wash your face. This will close your pores.

If anyone has any homemade face masks they like to use, please comment the details below. I’d love try some new ones! The more natural the better.




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