August Favourites

Since I started this blog, this is a post I have waiting to do! I absolutely love reading which products, brands and things in general, that everyone is loving. So for my first one I have decided that this post would be about my current favourite brands. So, let’s get started!

I cannot get enough of Zara clothing at the moment. I have always shopped at New Look (my family call it my “place of worship”) but in the last 6 months or so, I hadn’t been able to find anything I liked there. I felt like their summer clothes were too brightly coloured to go with my fair skin and red hair (but that’s just my opinion). But on a recent shopping trip, I went into a Zara and loved it! Their sale was on at the time, hands up who loves a bargain, because I do! And I got myself some really nice clothes (some not in the sale but not as expensive as I thought they’d be). Their clothes feel such good quality and I feel like they’re more wearable clothes rather than the seasonal that New Look stock. Perhaps I have grown out of New Look’s target audience (sad face if that’s the case) but Zara is definitely a great fit for now.

Sleek is a brand that in my opinion is incredible for powder products. I think that their eyeshadow palettes are so pigmented and last for hours and hours, that they rival the high end palettes. Their products are definitely affordable, (I picked up the products in the photo, some were free in an offer and the others I bought to qualify for the offer) I am a drugstore shopper through and through. And the last time I checked, they are cruelty free, so what’s not to love?!

I recently found a love for Lush products. I have struggled for years and years with oily skin and just assumed it was something I’d grow out of. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened. So I happened to pass my local Lush and went in on a whim. It was amazing! The woman went through a skincare routine with me, explained which products I should use and why. I explained about how sensitive my skin is (I have had more allergic reactions than anyone I know combined) and she immediately understood. She even gave me some products to try, for free!! I honestly cannot recommend Lush enough, I just wish I’d gone there sooner.

What brands or products have you been loving this month?




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