Multiple Uses for Makeup

Now I don’t know about the rest of you who are reading this, but I cannot count the amount of times I bought a makeup product and didn’t use it. Sometimes I’ll buy a product and it won’t give me the look I was going for, or, I’ll find another product that works better. These makeup products will then just sit in my makeup drawers until I eventually throw them away. But not anymore…

I have decided to use up my existing makeup collection as best I can, before buying new items. For example, today I am using a Contour Kit from Collection and a Bronzer from Natural Collection together, as eyeshadow!

I used the Contour colour from the Collection set to darken the outer ‘V’ of my eye. I then used the Bronzer from Natural Collection over the main part of my eyelid. And then I used the Highligher from the Collection set over the inner third of my eye.

None of these products are designed for your eyelids but all work!

The Contour colour from the Collection Contour Kit is not quite the shade I like for my contour. The Natural Collection Bronzer is too glittery and brown for my preference of bronzer. The Highligher from the Collection Contour Kit is more glittery than I like my highlight. But these products are all massive so will keep me going with a neutral eyeshadow for months and months!

I hope this is helpful and gives anyone reading this some ideas for how to use up some of their own makeup. Please share any unusual uses for other products you may have!




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