My Birthday: What I Received This Year

It was my birthday a few days ago and I thought I’d do a post to show what I got. Let me start by saying that I have a large family and I got spoilt. I am very aware of that. This is not me bragging, this is me sharing some of the gifts I received this year. So let’s get started!

Firstly, this is what hubby got me. I chose these items when we were out shopping a month or so before my birthday and hubby suggested he got them as presents, and who can say no to that logic?! There’s a White Shirt with Black Strips and it’s honestly the softest shirt I’ve ever felt. There’s a Tan Coloured A-line Skirt which has some zip pockets on the front. And a new Handbag. Everything is from Matalan. And it’s fantastic quality. I feel like Matalan gets overlooked.

Hubby also got me some makeup because he knows how much I love The Body Shop! I got a Foundation which is a perfect match for my skin. A Setting Spray which is amazing so far. And a Mascara. The mascara is honestlyyy my absolute favourite mascara! And…as my main present, he got me a Chloé Perfume! The perfume is something that I’ve always wanted but, let’s be honest, it’s far too expensive for me to buy myself regularly. So it was THE perfect gift. 

From my family, I am just going to group together the items they got me, because it’s wayyy easier. And as I said, I have a large family! So… I got Two Zara vouchers, a box of Crème Egg Twisted (Crème Eggs are my favourite chocolate of all time) a Lush Face Mask (Herbalism), Two Zara Jumpers (one in cream with a multi-wear neck and one in black with cold shoulder and bow details), The Body Shop Gift Set (Vanilla Chai), a Lush Hair Moisturiser (R&B) and a Lush Hair Treatment (H’suan Wen Hua).

I have started to use a few of these products and they are sooo good so far. I love to pamper myself a bit one evening in the working week and once at a weekend so theses presents are perfect! I am currently sat here, in my PJ’s, with the Lush Hair Treatment in my hair, some Vanilla Chai Body Butter on, and I smell and feel absolutely amazing! Afterall, what else can a girl ask for?!




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