My Makeup Clearout…

I finally decided to give my makeup a bit of a clear out today. It was completely spur of the moment but my makeup drawers look so much nicer and neater now.

In the photo below are the items that I’m getting rid of. Some of them have been binned and some will be given away (if it’s appropriate). I’m being brutally honest about the products that are going to be binned. I feel like there’s no point in not giving an honest review. So let’s get started!

Collection Sheer Loose Powder

I picked up this powder recently because I was out of my usual powder (which I use everyday) and needed something to tide me over until I could get down to the shops and have a proper shop. And I cannot get on with this! As I said, I use powder all the time, but this powder, doesn’t work for me. It goes patchy, it clings to dry patches on my skin (which has never happened before) and looks yellow (which makes no sense as I got the translucent one). I’ve not used the product for over a month and in all honestly, I’m afraid to use it because it ruins the rest of my makeup. And then I have to start all over again! At least it was cheap so I don’t mind throwing it in the bin.

Olay BB Cream

This product is one that I used to love but not recently. I don’t know if my skin has changed or the product has been open too long, but it looks awful. Like with the Collection Powder, it goes patchy and it infuriates me. So I haven’t used it for about 4 months. I think that length of time means it deserves the bin.

The Body Shop Foundation

This is something that my hubby bought me for my birthday, last Sunday. In less than a week, I have decided I cannot get on with this product. Believe me, I’ve tried!! I tried it with a primer, without. With different moisturisers on. Applying with a beauty blender, with a brush, with my hands. And nothing works!! The foundation goes rubbery so as I apply it, it solidifies, and turns into this yellowy, sticky thing, that’s on bits of my face. It honestly looks awful! I love The Body Shop so I really hope that there is something wrong with my product and they aren’t all like that…?

Barry M Black Eyeliner, 2true Black Liquid Eyeliner and Rimmel Oh My Gloss Lipgloss

There wasn’t actually anything wrong with these products. The lipgloss was old and not something I reach for anymore. And the two eyeliners have been replaced by products I prefer, so these don’t get used. And the 2true liquid eyeliner was probably the oldest makeup item I had, so it needed the bin!

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipgloss

This item was part of a lipgloss set that I got for Christmas last year and this has never been used. It’s not the right colour for my skin tone and I think someone else would use this, so I am going to offer it to friends and family.

Sleek Lipstick and Blush

These are the last two products that I got rid of and it’s only really the shades of them that’s the problem. The lipstick was free with an offer so I couldn’t choose the colour. And I thought I might use it but I’ve had it for about 3 months and it’s never crossed my mind to use it. Yes, it’s more of a Autumnal/Winter shade, but it’s too bold for me. For the blush, I picked it up instead of another one I had actually wanted which was out of stock, and I really wish I’d waited for the one I really wanted. Both of these will be offered to friends and family.

I really needed to have a makeup clear out and now that the seasons are changing, it’s the perfect excuse. I may have started this being pretty harsh about the products but in order to actually get rid of makeup that I wasn’t using, I needed to be…I think.




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