Cooking: Jamie Oliver’s 5 Ingredients

I picked up this recipe book about 3 weeks ago and it honestly is incredible! I have looked at other recipe books in the past and sometimes the amount of ingredients are so costly that it’s stopped me buying them. But this one, is so easy to cook even if you’re on a budget! And I got it half price too. I love a bargain!

So far in have cooked 3 recipes and all 3 are so easy that they will definitely be made again. And I’ve made a few tweaks to the recipes.

The first thing I cooked was the Garlic Mushroom Pasta which I tweaked by adding in some chicken. My hubby doesn’t like mushrooms too much (but he wanted to try this) so I wanted to add another flavour into the sauce. And he licked his bowl clean. I also tweaked the sauce by using a small pot of a supermarket’s own brand Greek Yoghurt instead of Crème Fraiche because I didn’t want to buy something that I wouldn’t use again, and I had Greek Yoghurt in. So it was a no-brainer!

The second recipe I cooked was Pappa Al Pomodoro Soup and it was so delicious. I tweaked the recipe by using slices of Brown Bread instead of Ciabatta, because I had Brown Bread in and didn’t want to buy something unnecessarily. I did toast the Brown Bread so that it was more like the texture of Ciabatta. And this meant it didn’t turn into mush and absorb too much of the soup. Hubby loved it so this will definitely be made again!

The third recipe that I cooked was the Messy Meatball Buns and these were so good. Hubby loves the Meatball Marinara Sub from Subway so I thought this would be a hit, and it was! I didn’t use Burger Buns, I wanted to use a Panini instead and it worked! I added in vegetables (onion, mushrooms and peppers) just because I wanted this to be more nutritious. And I used Italian Seasoning instead of Pesto because I didn’t want to buy something else in. Also, I didn’t make these messy as they are meant to be because Hubby’s a messy eater so the sauce would have been wayyy too easy to get everywhere! But this was delicious and the perfect lunch!

I absolutely love these recipes and so many others from this book. They are so nice to cook and really don’t take very long to make either. I feel like some of the recipes ask for ingredients that I wouldn’t normally have in the flat, but I often have something I can substitute in instead. And that’s amazing!




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