Autumn Date Ideas

I absolutely love having a date night with my hubby, mainly because it’s nice to spend some quality time together but also because I love getting myself ready beforehand. I love putting the effort into styling my hair, putting on my makeup and deciding what to wear. I feel like it’s very easy to fall into a ‘routine’ where not making an effort becomes the ‘norm’. I am by no means saying that I have to do my hair etc., but it’s nice to make an effort for a change. I don’t know about anyone else, but I always struggle to decide what to wear. Not just on date nights, but weekends in general. Does anyone else have this problem? I dare say it but… I think I have too many clothes!

While I love going for Meals Out as a Date Night, I thought I’d try and come up with some other ideas for Dates that cost less money. Hubby and I are trying to save money for a mortgage (I feel like I always say this but it’s true) so I want to be a bit more inventive with Date Ideas, instead of it usually being Meals Out, and try and save us money too.

  • A Hiking/Walking Date. This is one that I actually want to do this weekend, which hubby is up for. I am trying to be more active in my free time so this is perfect. Hubby and I live in a town that has a fair few potential walks nearby.
  • A Picnic Date. I may do this at the same time as the Hiking/Walking Date. I love the idea of making some soup, baking some bread (or picking some up from the shops if I’m feeling lazy) packing a picnic blanket and heading off. As long as the weather’s fine, this would be a really nice autumnal date.
  • A Movie Night Date. I am going to suggest a Halloween Themed Movie Night. This date will most likely involve snacks and the typical movie nibbles but will still save us money.
  • A Special Memory Date. I like the idea of recreating a meal that we’ve had before, like our wedding breakfast and having the candles from our wedding there too to recreate it further.
  • A Ready Meal Date. I think that we may do this some when in the next few weeks or so. This will be cheaper than eating out would have been, and we’ll probably end up with more food too!
  • A Games Console Tournament. My hubby is an IT technician and a real geek so would love this. I daren’t suggest this at the moment because he would rather do this than any of the other dates! Knowing my hubby, this will probably involve snacks so will cost a little bit and we’ll probably make ourselves feel sick with all the food.
  • Carving Pumpkins Date. I have never, ever, carved a pumpkin! Which considering I am 26 is a little bit sad. I feel like I may have missed out on something, but this Halloween (or in the lead up to Halloween) I am definitely going to do this. I may make it a bit of a competition between us to make it more interesting. It just means, we will be eating pumpkin for a while!
  • A Baking Date. I absolutely love cooking and baking, and my hubby is a really good sous chef so this is something we will definitely do this Autumn/Winter. You could bake a cake or go for something savoury like pizza. I love it when the whole flat smells of whatever is in the oven, it makes the place feel so homely!

Initially I struggled with writing this list, I had the first three and got stuck. But then they started to come to me. Some of them, hubby and I do, without even realising it. Does anyone else have any date suggestions?





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