Review: Lush – H’Suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment

At the time of writing this, I am currently using this product, as in, it is on my hair, right now! It was given to me as a birthday present from my sister (back in September) and I love the stuff. The product itself smells amazing! It’s a bit like a Chia Tea, Cinnamon and herbs, all mixed together, which I love. It’s a fairly thick consistency too so doesn’t go everywhere either.

How I use the product…

Once every other week, I put the hair treatment on for about 15 minutes. I have fairly greasy hair so I tend to concentrate the main amount on the end of my hair and then lightly spread from the ends, towards my root. 

The difference…

I can honestly say that my hair feels to much smoother since using this product. I apply a fair amount of heat to my hair (once every other day) and I feel like this replaces some of that moisture. I have a particular section of my hair (on the right hand side, the closest to my face) that sometimes when I apply heat to it, it frizzes and refuses to do anything else. But since using this product, that hasn’t happened once! Because of this, that section of my hair (and the same on the left hand side) is possibly my most heat styled, so I concentrate the hair treatment there. 

The best way I can think of describing this hair treatment is, you know that feeling your hair has, right after you’ve had it cut, and the ends feel smooth and the hair has more life and bounce to it? That’s how this hair treatment makes my hair feel everytime I use it! I honestly cannot recommend it enough.




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