My Favourite Foundation – Laura Mercier

I recently started to use a few products from Laura Mercier and I absolutely love them. This isn’t a review as such, this is just me explaining how I use it. So if anyone out there has skin like mine (oily/fair/sensitive) these products work for me.

On a daily basis, I use a mixture of the Laura Mercier Oil Free Silk Crème Foundation (in the shade Rose Ivory) and Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser (in the shade Porcelain). These bases are different undertones, but work mixed together on my skin and independently as well. The Silk Crème Foundation is high coverage but using my sponge, I can thin it out to a medium coverage. Whereas, with the Tinted Moisturiser, it’s a light but buildable coverage. Depending on the amount of coverage I want, I use twice as much of the Tinted Moisturiser to the Silk Crème Foundation. But if I want more coverage, I use more of the Silk Crème Foundation and less of the Tinted Moisturiser.

As I have oily skin, I find it extremely hard to find a base product (so BB/CC cream, foundation etc) that gives me the amount of coverage I want, and lasts well. A trick I’ve found is to use Oil Free products. It makes sense if you think about it…don’t add oil when your skin has too much of it! I apply either of these two products in the morning and 9 hours later, it still looks incredible! While I do have oily skin, I occasionally get a dry patch of skin, sometimes around my nose, but these products have cleared that up amazingly. Other products have a tendency to cling to those areas, but these ones don’t at all.

Because of how sensitive my skin is, I am always so concerned that I will have yet another allergic reaction when I start using a new product. But with Laura Mercier products, I haven’t had any reactions, redness or discomfort since using them. I actually think that my skin looks better without makeup than it did before I started using them. I feel like my skin texture has improved so that it’s smoother now, than it was before.

Something I love about Laura Mercier is that the products really are fair enough for me. I cannot count the amount of time that I’ve picked up the shade Porcelain in a foundation, and it’s wayyyy too dark. I have found that the products also have different undertones so it’s easy to find one that really works for your skin tone.

Before buying these products, I was given samples when I visited a Laura Mercier counter. After using the products for 1 day, I knew I needed to purchase these particular shades.

Given their fairly expensive price tags, I would definitely still recommend these products. So if you have skin like mine, I would suggest having a look and seeing if Laura Mercier have a product that works for your skin needs too.




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