How I Saved Money on my Wedding…

I’ve been working on this for months and months. Trying to figure out what is the most useful to talk about. I got married in April 2017 and I think these tips would have been incredibly useful before getting married. Some are more obvious. But for others I will mention where I got things. Fingers crossed this works and saves you money too.

  • Pick a wedding dress wisely – This is something that sounds obvious, but it’s very easy to get caught up in the moment. Pick a dress that’s a sensible price. Now, I know, I know, it’s your wedding, and you want to feel amazing, but keep in mind the cost. Don’t let the staff talk you into something. Make a list before going to a store and try not to put pressure on yourself. I found my dress on the first day, but I was lucky. Rather than going with the aim of finding your wedding dress, go with the aim of figuring out what colour dress you want, or the cut, or the size. That way you won’t rush into buying something that isn’t what you really want. I went to Wed2B and got my dress, veil and underskirt all for about £600 approximately (I can’t remember the exact amount). And when my friends have gotten engaged, I tell them to go there. I’d highly recommend them!

  • Join groups and subscribe to websites – This is so useful for finding the best deal. I joined a Facebook group for my local area where people (who had gotten married or companies) would post things for sale. Usually at discounted prices. Hubby and I had planned on getting a shop bought iced cake but then I saw an offer on the Facebook group, and we got a Naked Wedding Cake for not much more than the cake we planned for buy from Marks and Spencers.

  • Use people you know – I know this tip sounds a bit harsh but I mean use people that others have recommended. Or their families, or friends, or even your own! These people are trustworthy because you know they aren’t going to screw you over and not follow through, and will often give you a discount. I had my wedding invites personalised, designed and printed, without needing to pay for that as it was a wedding present (an incredible wedding present at that) from a family member.

  • Artificial flowers – I feel like people don’t realise how good artificial flowers look now. People think about how they used to look. But honestly, people assumed that the bouquets were real. And they weren’t! And I put them together myself. All you need is some florists tape (which is green) the artificial flowers, a glue gun, and some lace. That’s all I used. I made my bouquet bigger than my bridesmaids. Saved myself a fortune! And I gave my bridesmaids their bouquets as keepsakes. And I kept my bouquet too!

And something else that I wanted to mention. Which isn’t how to save money. Is to enjoy yourself. Do what you want. Not what you feel you should do. And have fun! It’s a day you will always remember!




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