Review: Tropic Skincare

About a month ago, I picked myself up some treats from Tropic and I honestly love them all. I bought the Face Lift Mask, Eye Revive Cream and the Clear Skin Mask.

Tropic Skincare is created without all the nasties and chemicals that other skincare and cosmetics can have. They are a cruelty free company as well which is something that I love. I really wish that all of my cosmetics were cruelty free!

The Eye Revive Cream is the most hydrating cream I have ever used! I have found this past winter that my under eyes have been so dry and tight where I needed as much hydration as possible. And I finally found a product that works! It’s cooling and soothing for my under eyes.

The Face Lift Mask is also so hydrating and is meant to help the appearance of fine lines. I’m aware that I’m 26 so I don’t really have lines, but this mask definitely helps with plumping and smoothing out my skin.

The Clear Skin Mask is incredible for problem areas. I tend to use the Clear Skin Mask on my t-zone (but no higher than my eyebrows) and then the Face Lift Mask on my cheeks and on my forehead. And this mixture of the two masks are perfect and I genuinely think that they have made my face so much better!

Now price wise, all three are fairly reasonable in my opinion. The two Masks are £16 each and the Eye Cream is £20. I have been using these products for about a month, the Eye Cream every night and the Face Masks once a week each. And I’ve hardly used any! I’d definitely recommend these products a try.




2 thoughts on “Review: Tropic Skincare

    • laurieredhead91 says:

      Thank you. Ohh I’d definitely recommend trying it. I have had so many allergic reactions to products so putting something close to my eyes, I was so paranoid! But because it’s more natural, I had no reason to worry. And my under eyes are so much less dry since I’ve been using this daily (just overnight). Xx

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