Review: OPI Nail Varnish

To give this review a bit of perspective, I have never been an expensive nail varnish person. I am a bargain shopper 100%, but this nail varnish is incredible.

The product itself is so long lasting and you definitely get what you pay for.

Usually I spend £2.99-£3.99 on a nail varnish, I tend to do a base coat and a top coat to help it last. But somehow that nail varnish will last 2 or 3 days before it’s so unbelievably chipped that I get fed up and start from scratch.

But this nail varnish lasts at least a week!! Without a base or top coat. And then it doesn’t chip. I tend to notice that the edges of my nails start to look at bit uneven, not chunks missing like what happens with other nail varnish, but it only if you look so incredibly closely. Once this happens, I remove the nail varnish. But this is by choice, I could easily get another 2 or 3 days wear out of it if I was happy to leave the nail varnish with the slightly worn edges.

With it costing me £13.50, I had hoped that this would last but it was so surprising. The size of the bottle is 15ml and my standard nail varnish is 8ml, so you get more product for your money! So all in, it outlasts my usual products with just one coat (no base coat or top coat) so takes less effort, and you get almost double the standard sized product for your money. I’d highly recommend trying a nail varnish from this brand. If I had a special occasion to go to, rather than getting shellac, I’d buy another one of these. Hands down.




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