3 Underrated Products that I Love…

An awful lot of my make up and skincare is purchased based on recommendations, and of course a fair few have been purchased because of YouTube. But, I have found a few that I feel deserve credit.

NYX Matte Bronzer

This bronzer is the perfect shade for someone who is as pale as I am! The product blends really well and never looks patchy on me. The package is amazing, it feels expensive and the mirror (inside the lid) is really good quality. I use the shade Light.

Barry M Cream Highlighter

This highlighter is something that I’ve used any day that I’ve wanted a natural hightlight for about 3 months. Yep, you read that right! When I want a more intense highlight, I choose a different product. But I use this hightlight on the top of my cheekbones, my brow bone and my cupid’s bow. It gives the perfect sheen but isn’t glittery. In order to apply it (as it’s a cream and can be a bit tricky) I apply the highlighter onto the finger tips of my first two fingers, and then I use those two fingers to dabb the product where I want it. Be careful not to drag the product when you apply it as it can remove/move base products. The packaging isn’t the best but for how to best use the product, it does the job. I use the shade Frosty Pink 1.

Sleek Contour Kit

This contour kit is my daily go-to. I use this every single day for the contour shade. The shade is an incredible shade that works for my pale skin. And I use the highlight shade when I want a more intense hightlight. The product lasts for such a long time, I’ve been using this for at least 6 months and you can barely see any indentation in the pan. I use the shade Light 884.

Also it’s worth noting that all of the brands I’ve mentioned above are cruelty free. Cruelty free is something that I think is amazing and a great possibility nowadays. I am trying to be more aware of the making of cosmetics that I use and being more mindful of where and what brands I choose to spend my money on.




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