Tips for Saving

It feels like I’ve been saving for years but I only consciously started saving about 6 months ago. Until then, I saved what I saved, and that was that. But for the last 6 months, I have made an effort and my savings by using these steps, and my savings have increased!

Have separate accounts

This was my first task when I wanted to make more effort with my saving, having more than 1 bank account. Up until I did this, I had 1 account that I got paid into, saved in, and spent out of. This step isn’t necessary, but it has made my life so much easier to track how much I have saved, and stops me spending what I have already saved too!

Set yourself a budget

The best thing I did, was set myself a budget. I actually made a Excel Spreadsheet, entered my earnings, and all my spending, and I allow myself an allowance per week for frivolous spending. This way I can still spend money on a meal out, cosmetics, make up, clothing etc. Whilst you are saving, you need to have some enjoyment too.

Reassess where you shop

For years my hubby and I got our food shopping delivered. Partly because we get all the things we need without impulse buying, but also because they we don’t have to find the time to go ourselves! I know, I know, first world problems. But if you spend below a certain amount (£40) they apply a charge (£4) so if our food shopping came to £36 for example, we would buy £4 worth of food, that wasn’t wanted or needed, so that we wouldn’t be charged. Now we actually go food shopping, shock horror, and our food shopping spending has decreased. We also swapped the shop, from Tesco to Aldi. The quality in Aldi is so similar to Tesco that I don’t notice the difference. We still get the odd food shop delivered when we have a really busy week. But that doesn’t happen often. And when we do order a food shop, we ignore the delivery charge, or buy food for the freezer so that it’s not wasteful.




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