Braces: What I’m getting and Why…

So…I am getting orthodontic braces!

For years I have wanted them. I was offered braces when I was a child. The orthodontist told me that my brace would be for purely cosmetic reasons so I could choose whether to have them or not. Unfortunately I had a bad, bad experience (I’m not being dramatic – it was honestly awful) with a general dentist. So when the orthodontist said I’d had to have 8 teeth removed, I very strongly declined having braces. Looking back, I wish I knew that all dentists (general or orthodontic) weren’t like that first dentist I had. But anyway, I digress!

Back in February, I started getting pain in my front tooth. I have a pretty severe snaggletooth (in the photo below – it’s my right front tooth, or the left as you look at it) and the pain was so bad that it affected my everyday life. I went to my dentist and she suggested I go to an orthodontist. As I’m 26, I am not entitled to get my braces on the NHS. So I had to go as a private patient (meaning I’ve got to pay for it all myself ££££).

I went to the orthodontist that my dentist suggested I go to, and paid for a consultation (£75). The orthodontist was amazing, he took moulds of my teeth, explained what options I have, and how much it would cost (££££). After the consultation, he sent me a letter with all the details so I could take it all in.

I am getting ceramic braces, on my top and bottom teeth. There was a £600 difference between the traditional metal braces (the ones you typically think about when you think of braces) and the ceramic ones that I’m getting. I chose these because as I was already spending so much, what’s an extra £600? The ceramic braces are less visible than metal braces as they are tooth coloured, and they have more rounded edges so are likely to be more comfortable. My orthodontist has told me that my teeth can take better 18 months, to 3 years, depending on whether my teeth are fast or slow movers. I need to have 4 teeth removed in order to create enough space to straighten my teeth. I would have braces to the top and bottom of my teeth, with two brackets fitted to two of the molars on the top of my mouth (one of the left, one of the right) in order to anchor the teeth, to pull them back. There would then be a metal bar that connects the two brackets, which would run across the roof of my mouth.

I know that some people may not think that this is necessary for me to have done, but I need to do something to help with the pain.

I have searched the internet for months to find other adults talking about their experience and I haven’t found many. So I am going to explain as much as I can, as things happen.




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