Braces: The Preparation and Appointments

So…I am getting orthodontic braces! And I am getting them put on tomorrow.

My First Official Appointment:

My first appointment once I confirmed that I wanted braces was to get some elastic bands put around two of my teeth. These bands are put in to create space because I am going to have two brackets put around two of the molars on the top of my mouth and they will anchor the brace, to pull my snaggletooth, and other teeth back to be straight.

My Second Appointment:

The bands did their job! This appointment was about 5 days after the first one. So this appointment I went to, my orthodontist removed the bands and tried different sized brackets (that fit around my two molars because of the space that the bands created). And then took a mold of my mouth for the bar. And put new bands in.

Teeth Extraction:

The dreaded day! I had this appointment about 7 days after my previous appointment. But my orthodontist doesn’t do teeth extractions so I had to go to my general dentist who did this. As this was an NHS appointment, I had to pay for this (the standard NHS band 2 change which is about £60). I had 4 teeth taken out on the same day because I didn’t want to have to go back, and know what I had coming if I had 2 extracted, and then 2 another time.

My Third Appointment:

The day finally arrived. I scheduled this appointment about a week after the teeth extractions. This is very important because you need your teeth to recover from the extractions before you have someone else prodding around in there! This was the day that my braces were fitted. And this is when I had to pay.

I have searched the internet for months to find other adults talking about their experience and I haven’t found many. So I am going to explain as much as I can, as things happen.




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