Mid 2018 Favourites

Something I love about blogging is writing my favourites. But I decided that rather than doing a monthly favourites, I’m going to do 6 months worth of favourites to really let the favourites accumulated. These products are all definitely worth your time in reading! And buying if you don’t have them already!!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – Fair

This is my absolute go-to product for concealing. I tend to use this more on spots or scars that I may have, rather than my under eyes. And it covers so incredibly well. It’s definitely full coverage so a little goes a long way! Also on a day with minimal base makeup, I use this to conceal spots and redness, and then do my face enhancing products (bronzer/blush/highlight etc) my eyes, and I’m done. It’s perfect to add coverage where you need it, rather that covering all of my face, and to let my skin show through.

Rimmel – Stay Matte Pressed Powder – Translucent and Peachy Glow

I use the Translucent powder to set my face and my under eyes. And I tend to use the Peachy Glow is across my whole face, when I want to use a powder rather than a liquid foundation. This is to my go-to product for summer time as I have oily skin so try to avoid adding liquid when it’s hot and humid. Although, I live in the UK, so it’s not exactly that hot here! But this powder wears so well, and is so easy to use. Both powders are fine and don’t leave that overly powdery finish that makes your makeup look cakey.

Pixi – Lip Balm

This tinted lip balm is all that I carry in my handbag. It’s a pinky nude shade so perfect for everyday wear. And it’s a lip balm so it’s moisturising. It’s a win win. I’ve done a detailed review on this if you are interested. But honestly, it’s my favourite lip product that I’ve tried in 2018 this far!

Urban Decay – Sin Palette

This palette is so amazing. I did a full and detailed review with swatches if you want a look. But it’s so great. I particularly use the highlight shade Sin and the blush Score. All of the palette is great, really pigmented and works well on my fair skin. As I have oily skin, I was so pleased that these don’t disappear throughout the day, I apply them at 7am and they are still clearly visible when I get home at 5pm!

Urban Decay – Born to Run Palette

I was lucky enough to get my hands on this palette a few weeks ago, and ohhh my, it’s amazing. I know that this is a 6 months worth of favourites and this is a new palette, but it’s just that good! It’s £39.50 but it has 21 eyeshadows – it’s got more colours than the Naked Palettes but the same price! This palette literally has almost every colour I could need. The only thing that I think it’s missing is a silver inner corner highlight shade, but I just use whatever highlighter I have on my face, which ties the look in anyway so it’s not too much of an issue. It has a good mixture of matte shades, shimmers and more glittery colours so would suit almost any person or occasion!




2 thoughts on “Mid 2018 Favourites

    • laurieredhead91 says:

      Yeahh, I found the concealer before I even knew that everyone loved it! 😆 The Born to Run Palette is amazing, so pigmented and really easy to blend. It’s definitely worth picking up 😊

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