Getting the Chop

In the last year, basically since I got married, I have been cutting my hair shorter and shorter. I’ve been switching up the length a little bit, having the front longer than the back, having it the same length all around, layers or no layers etc. And now…I am finally happy with the length. And I’ve figured out how I like to style it too!

The Cut:

I asked my hairdresser for an inverted bob, which sites nicely at the back of my neck. She always takes a bit of weight of my hair and this time she didn’t take much out so that my hair would avoid that mushroom shaped ‘mom’ bob. She also made sure to keep the ends of my bob blunt so that it keeps it a younger style of a bob.

How to Style:

I have fairly thin hair, but a lot of it. So I’m all about texturising products.

Before I start drying my hair, I use a heat defence. Years ago, literally 10 years ago, I never used to bother with heat defence, but this is an incredibly important thing. And I can definitely tell the difference if I forget using heat defence after a few heat applications.

When drying my hair, I wait until it’s about 80% dry, and then I add in sea salt spray. I tend to spray a few sprits into the palm of my hand and then I run this through the under layer of my hair. Then another few sprits through the top of my hair. I’ve found that putting this directly into my palms gives me more control than using the nozzle and spraying it.

Then its back to the hairdryer to apply more heat and to finish off the style.

Once it’s dry, I will use my straightener and just sort out any flicks on the under side of my hair. To do this I will put the top layer of my hair up, into a half up half down style.

Now it’s time to let the top layer down and to straighten my side fringe. I try to leave the rest of my top layer of hair alone, to avoid the heat damage. If I need more volume I tend to use a texturising powder to add more volume where I need it.

And that’s how I style my hair!




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