Braces: First Adjustment (6 weeks)

I have been waiting and waiting to post this. This is 6 weeks after getting my ceramic braces put onto my teeth…and my first update. I am going to try to do an update every time I have my brace adjusted to try and keep anyone who is thinking about getting braces, another reason to get them.

So first off…is the pain worth it? Absolutely! I had to have 4 teeth extracted before the brace went on. And it is worth it.

Here’s a few before, and current photos for a comparison.

In all honesty, I am not too fussed about my bottom teeth. My reason for doing this was my top teeth, and how much pain they were causing me.

The top photos show my teeth, before the extractions. I don’t have any photos from after the teeth extractions but before the brace went on as there was only a week between the two events, and my teeth were still pretty bloody. And no one want to see that photo! But I think that the difference is amazing.

To anyone thinking about whether getting braces is worth it. I had to pay for the braces myself. I had to have 4 teeth extracted. And I still think it’s worth it!




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