Reading: The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k – Sarah Knight

Now just to preface this, I am not a big reader. I did English Literature for A-Level, but I was forced to read, and I’m good at writing essays and coursework. But I don’t choose to read, for fun. That was until I saw this book.

For some reason, I was standing in my local bookshop (they sell handmade birthday cards which are adorable) and I found my way into the books. And this book called to me. I mean really called to me.

I had never heard of Sarah Knight before (I apologise if she’s a big deal) but I read the back of this book, and before I knew it…I bought it.

I read 43 pages in one sitting! Does anyone else have to stop a book at a good point? Like the end of a chapter…I do!! And that’s exactly what I did with this book, I read the first 43 pages before I paused. And then my next sitting, I read about 60+ pages.

I feel like we are all too keen to please other people, helping them, that we forget about our own happiness (at least this was my interpretation of this book). And it explains, in a fair few swear words, how to say no to people, and how not to doing things that you feel obligated into having to do. It’s genius!

This book has reignited a love for reading that I’m not entirely sure I had before!

If anyone else sees this book, I’d suggest picking it up. I honestly couldn’t stop reading this book, it’s well worth a read!




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