Review: Tangle Teezer – Wet Hairbrush

About a month or so ago, I picked up this hairbrush, and I absolutely love it! I have never had a Tangle Teezer before, and that’s for one reason. I hate not having a handle on my hairbrush. But now, they’ve released some that have handles. And I picked one up. Did anyone else not buy one because they didn’t have a handle?!

This hairbrush is designed for use on wet hair, to prevent damage and breakage. And I’ve been using this brush, over the last month, and I’ve noticed less hair left in my brush after brushing (I hope that made sense). I think that because the bristles are two lengths, that perhaps this is how it prevents damage to hair over time.

I am so pleased that I picked up this hairbrush about a month ago as it’s definitely meant that I’ve had less hair breakage. Also, the two colours are possibly my two favourites!




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