Cruelty Free: Swaps

I have been working on this post for so long. Basically since I decided that I wanted to attempt to transition into going cruelty free. At the moment, I am just working on makeup, but eventually I want to do this with skincare, if I can!

I feel like there are so many cosmetics that are cult classics. And what I have tried to do, is swap those for a cruelty free version. Also where possible, I tried to swap any more expensive items for more affordable versions. So it’s a win – win.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Elf Foundation

Both of these foundations have an SPF 15, and both last well on my skin. I get the same dewy skin with both of these products so they definitely give me the same finish when using a wet makeup sponge. The Revlon foundation is £12.99 and the Elf is £7.50, so price wise, the ELF foundation is cheaper!

Maybelline Matte and Poreless Foundation for Revolution Pro Foundation

For these two foundations, I feel like these are the closest dupe! Both offer incredible coverage, definitely full coverage, and they are incredibly long lasting on my skin. The Maybelline foundation is £6.99 and the Revolution Pro foundation is £7.00, so for 1p more, you can go cruelty free, and get the same type of product.

Laura Mercier Setting Powder for ELF Setting Powder

The Laura Mercier setting powder is one of the most expensive makeup products I own, and honestly, I have been searching for a dupe, or a similar product, that works as well, for the last 6 months. And, this ELF powder is the closest that I’ve got. It’s finely milled, but it’s not as soft a powder as the Laura Mercier one, but I think it actually makes my makeup last better than the Laura Mercier one does! In terms of the price, the Laura Mericer is £29.00 and the ELF is £7.50 so price wise, for me, this is definitely a no-brainer swap.

Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser for KIKO BB Cream

This is a swap that I only recently found. Both these products offer a similar level of coverage (light to medium-ish) and both have an SPF. The Laura Mercier has an SPF of 20, and the KIKO has an SPF of 30. I use either of these products when I want light coverage, and will apply them with my fingers so that the products really sink into my skin and look just like my real skin but better. And I love that look. When I use either of these products, I do set them, but I have oily skin, and with work, I need my makeup to last 8-10 hours, and both of these when set really do last that long! The Laura Mercier is £34.00 so it’s the most expensive product in this post, and the KIKO is £9.90.—oil-free-MUK163990144.html

Benefit Watts Up for Becca Opal Highlighter

Both of these products I feel like are cult classics, and everyone loves them. But these two products give the same affect! But with Becca Opal, it’s not a cream, so it’s much easier to use. The product is still very soft, and creamy. Benefit Watts Up is £25.50, and Becca Opal is £30.00 for the full size, or £16.00 for the mini. I would highly suggest picking up the mini. That’s what I’ve done, and I use this product so much, and have barely made any indentation to the product.

L’Oreal Perfect Match Concealer for Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

I love both of these concealers, and this was a swap that I stumbled upon unintentionally. I picked up the L’Oreal concealer as it has caffeine in it, and that’s meant to wake up your eyes, to make you look more awake. The Collection concealer doesn’t have that, so they aren’t formula dupes. However, the effects they give, are the same! I apply both of them with a wet makeup sponge, and both look very hydrating on my under eyes. The coverage on the L’Oreal is less than the Collection one, but when I use more of the L’Oreal one, I can get that same effect with both products. L’Oreal’s concealer is £7.99, and the Collection concealer is £4.19.

Benefit Brow Setter for ELF Brow and Mascara Gel

This is a swap that I made about a month ago. I actually threw away the Benefit brow gel as it had been open for a while, and I honestly didn’t reach for it anymore. The ELF one is that good! The ELF one keeps my brows in place just as well as the Benefit one does, but costs so much less. The Benefit Brow Gel is £20.50 for the full size, and the ELF is £3.00.

Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eyeliner for Essence Long lasting Eye Pencil

One of the products that I had been searching for a dupe for, was my Rimmel eyeliners. They are so affordable, but aren’t cruelty free. And then I found the Essence ones. I picked up a black and brown from Essence, and then threw my Rimmel ones away! Even though the Rimmel one is marketed as a waterproof eyeliner, I always found that they smudged and wore away throughout the day. But the Essence ones, which are specifically waterproof, actually last longer than my Rimmel ones. The Rimmel eyeliners are £3.99, and the Essence is £1.50.

These are the swaps that I will be making, or have made, and I am so happy with how going cruelty free is going so far. It has taken me a while to find these swaps, but one plus is that I’ve been enjoying trying new products.




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