Gunwharf Quays Shopping Trip

It was recently my birthday, I turned 27 (yes, I know that’s old) and received so many presents. My family and hubby well and truly spoilt me. But rather than writing a post about that, I thought I’d share about a rather expensive shopping trip I had, and what I picked up. Everything I picked up was on my wishlist, some of them for years, so I’m incredibly happy with my purchases.

I went to Gunwharf Quays which is a designer outlet shopping centre in Portsmouth. It’s about a 2 hour drive away from where I live, so it’s not somewhere that I go shopping to regularly. Here’s a link to their actual site, if anyone is interested in visiting for themselves.

My favourite store, and my reason for wanting to go, was Kurt Geiger. And this is where I spent the most money! I picked myself up the nicest handbag, it’s black with an adjustable chain strap, with gold beads and pearl effect bead detailing. It is stunning! And only cost £44.

Now, the day I went, the store was having an extra discount: if you spent over £70, you got 20% off your transaction. So I bought something else! I picked up a pair of gorgeous black stiletto boots. The heel is about 4 inches, so it’s a decent size. And the shoes does up with a zip at the back of the heel which is nice and secure. I wore these out for my birthday night out, and they didn’t rub whatsoever. And somehow….I didn’t fall over in them after one too many cocktails!!

My next most expensive purchase was from Guess. I’ve never owned anything from Guess, but I’ve been after a jacket to replace my leather style jacket. That jacket is getting a bit old, and worn, so I was on the look out for something similar, to replace it. I was fully expecting to not find anything, but I did! Within a step or two of entering the door, there was the nicest black, faux fur lined, suede effect jacket. And it was only £79.99! Now the jacket I wanted to replace had cost me £50+ from New Look about 3 years ago, so this Guess jacket was definitely a fair price! I tried it on, and they only had one size small, so I bought it there and then.

And then, my last purchase was from the Vans store. I picked myself up a pair of classic black with white detail Vans. For £34! I’ve been after a pair of designer trainers for years. But my issue is that I am either a size 4, or a 5. So buying shoes online definitely doesn’t work for me! But to my surprise, Vans had some half sizes, and I tried a 3.5…and they fitted, perfectly. So I couldn’t leave without them!

So finally, my wishlist is empty! It’s going to make figuring out what I would like for Christmas a bit tricky, but oh well!




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