How to Choose a Wedding Dress


Picking a wedding dress, can very easily be incredibly overwhelming! So I thought that I’d put together my top 3 tips to help anyone who is engaged and looking for their wedding dress.

  • Don’t stress yourself out. The worst thing you can do is to put pressure on yourself. When wedding dress shopping, don’t go with the aim of finding the dress. But go with the aim of finding out something that you do/don’t want. For example, figure out if you want a white dress, or ivory. Or if you want full length dress, or a shorter style. Or what type of cut you want, a sleeveless dress, a backless dress, a low cut dress. Or if you don’t like some of those, you can rule some wedding dresses out. Then each time you go dress shopping, you will get more of an idea as to what you want. And, over time, you will find the wedding dress.
  • Think about whether your dress is practical or not. This was something that I was aware of when I went dress shopping. Firstly, can you use the toilet in your dress. If you can’t, and still want that dress, just ask your bridesmaids to hold the dress while you pee. And that’s that problem sorted! But secondly, if you are getting married in a floor length dress, in December, in the UK, in a field with a marquee, photos taken outside on the grass, are you prepared for the fact that it will almost certainly rain, or at least the ground will be wet, so your dress will most likely be muddy. By all means rock the muddy dress, and laid back vibe, but if that will irritate you at the wedding, or when you see photos, just consider other options.
  • Take people with you. This was a big thing for me. Picking the dress is very overwhelming, so you want to have people with you who will tell you which dress they like. Try and have someone there who will be more realistic and a calming influence for you, and anyone else you bring. It’s really nice to include people in the wedding dress shopping. I had my mum, my hubby’s mum and sister, and my sister in law. And it was so lovely to have them all included in the dress shopping, to keep them involved in the wedding planning. But be prepared for it to be emotional, not necessarily for you, but for the people you bring with you to the dress shopping.




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