Braces: Third Adjustment (18 Weeks)

I cannot believe that I’ve only had my braces on for 18 weeks! The changes have been so fast, and I cannot believe how quickly they are improving.

Someone at work actually mistakenly thought that I’d had my braces taken off already…now granted, she usually wears glasses and didn’t have them on, but that’s still incredible.

The top photo was taken before I had my teeth extractions and my brace fitted.

And the bottom photo was taken the day of my 18 week brace tightening.

I have started to notice that I have gaps on my top teeth, in-between the top of the teeth. And they look so much more inline, both the top and bottom.

I cannot wait for my teeth to be perfect. I’ve already decided that the day I get my braces off, I’m going out for a massive burger, and then I’m not going to brush my teeth afterwards! Those who have/have had braces at some point will understand!




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