How to Save on Wedding Flowers

My absolute top tip for saving on your wedding is to use artificial flowers.

I made the bouquets myself, florist tape, lace, glue gun, and bought artificial button holes.

It was 100% worth it!

All in, I spent about £100 on it all.

And I let my bridesmaids keep their bouquets as an extra keepsake from the wedding day.

So in the very top photo, you can see the different bouquets. All I did was look online at different flower arrangements that fitted my colour scheme. I chose one that included different shades of purple, to contrast against my bridesmaid’s dressed, but also rustic to fit the vibe of the venue.

I bought 5 sets of the purple rustic flower sets, one for me and one for each of my bridesmaids.

Then I bought purple rose sets, and white rose sets. I bought 3 of both of these sets so that I put half of each of these into each bouquets with some leftover.

I found a set of white rose buttonholes online, and needed to included white roses in the bouquets so that there would be some continuity with the flowers.

Then it was time to put the bouquets together. To do this, I used vases/mugs/any sort of container, and put one of each set into them. Each vase/mug/container was one of the bouquets.

I played around with how many flowers to include in the bouquets. But in the end I decided that I wanted my bouquet to be the biggest, then my maid of honour’s, and then my other bridesmaids.

So all I did once I had settled on the number of flowers per bouquet, I got some green florist tape (I bought mine from Amazon). I held the flowers together, and wrapped around the centre part of the bouquet with the florist tape.

Then I just used a glue gun, and I bought some white hessian lace, and used the glue to stick the lace to the florist tape. I ran this higher and lower than the florist tape so that was hidden.

Repeat this process until you’ve done all the bouquets.

One tip, I’d suggest starting with one of the bridesmaid’s bouquets. Do not start with yours! I did, and it was far too stressful. Also, after making a few of them, you get much better.




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