Makeup Declutter and Empties

I’ve not done an empties on here before, but I’ve been collecting items that I’ve finished, or no longer want for the last month. And thought I’d do a post about them with mini reviews for each item.

All items mentioned will be included in links below, no reason other than to save you trawling online to find them!

So there were a few Laura Mercier products that I’ve used up all of. Firstly the Laura Mercier Setting Powder which I used all of. I loved this setting powder, it kept my makeup in place for longer than any other product. But it’s not cruelty free. And I can’t justify the £29. So I’m currently pondering this, and may repurchase.

My favourite foundation mixture is a concoction of the next two products: The Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser, and The Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation. Now as these two products have a combined price of £69 (£34 and £35 individually) this is a mixture that I won’t be purchasing again. Laura Mercier isn’t cruelty free and given that price, I won’t be repurchasing. However, for anyone who isn’t concerned about whether a brand tests on animals or not, I love both of these products! This mixture is perfect as I can make my base makeup as high or low coverage as I want by altering the percentage of these two products.

One thing I got a lot of for my birthday this year was body butter. I have incredibly sensitive skin, and dry skin too. So I made my way through two body butters. The Body Shop Almond Milk and Honey Body Butter, and The Body Shop Rose Body Butter are both amazing and just as hydrating as each other. The Almond and Honey one is an incredibly light scented body butter so if anyone disliked overly scented moisturisers, I’d suggest picking this one up! As for the Rose one, it’s a lovely scent, very feminine, and lasts for hours. The Body Shop Body Butter is the only body moisturiser that I use. I’m constantly repurchasing them.

So in the summer when the L’Oreal Shine Lipsticks came out and… I wanted them. L’Oreal as a brand do test on animals, so I won’t be repurchasing them. But these lipsticks are so nice. The formula is very hydrating, and because of that, it’s not very long lasting. I’d say that it lasts well, until you have a drink of something, and then the product comes straight off! But the formula is literally like a lipgloss, in a bullet lipstick shape. And the packaging is so expensive looking. I had the shades Peach on the Beach, and Get Naked. Both are incredibly wearable and great for everyday wear.

Next up is NYX Worth the Hype Mascara and to be honest, I wasn’t a fan of this. I love, love, love NYX as a brand. But this mascara was pretty average. And I know that’s harsh. My eyelashes looked like I had mascara on, but didn’t look like I used a £9 mascara on them. I’m happy to spend more than that on products, but when something costs me nearly £10, I expect it to be worth it.

A product that I was gutted about finishing up was the ELF Flawless Finish Foundation. This foundation is so nice, it evens out my skin tone and adds a bit of coverage. It’s a light-medium build able coverage. And it lasts so well on my oily skin. I will definitely be repurchasing this foundation within the next few weeks!

And the final two products are from Maybelline. These two products were decluttered as Maybelline isn’t cruelty free. I have had the Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser in my makeup collection for over a year, and used it maybe 2 times. I have other primers that I prefer and there was no need for me to keep something like this in my collection. And I also made the decision to declutter my Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. This mascara makes my lashes look amazing. It lengthens and adds the perfect amount of volume to my eyelashes. It’s one of my favourite products but I’m doing my best to get rid of makeup that isn’t cruelty free.




Products Mentioned:

Laura Mercier Setting Powder

Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser—oil-free-MUK163990144.html?dwvar_MUK163990144_color=UK163990144

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

The Body Shop Almond Milk and Honey Body Butter

The Body Shop Rose Body Butter

L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Shine Lipstick

NYX Worth The Hype Mascara

Elf Flawless Finish Foundation

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

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