Braces: Fourth Adjustment (Week 27)

It’s been a little while since I last saw my Orthodontist. Partly due to Christmas. And due to the length of time needed for my teeth to actually move. Last time I saw my Orthodontist he put a metal spring along one side of my bottom teeth to push one of my teeth into the extraction gap, and out the way to make the alignment better for another tooth.

Since that visit, that metal spring has worked so well. It has moved my tooth into the extraction gap so I now have almost no gap in my bottom teeth, on my left hand side.

So on this appointment, my orthodontist engaged a tooth along the bottom teeth (which means that up until now the brace didn’t include this tooth). It was too far behind the other teeth so my orthodontist made room for that tooth.

So here’s a smile update for you all!




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