Recipe: Chocolate Strawberry Porridge

I absolutely love the combination of Chocolate and Strawberry. And yet somehow I completely overlooked posting this recipe. The chocolate chips are a great addition as they melt and go all delicious when put on top of the hot porridge.


40g Porridge Oats

125ml Skimmed Milk (you can use whatever milk you’d milk)

5g Cocoa Powder

80g Strawberries

5g Milk Chocolate Chips


  • Mix the porridge and the milk together with the cocoa powder.
  • Heat this mixture however you like. I tend to use a microwave as it’s faster. For warmer weather, this can be done as overnight oats and then there’s no need to heat it.
  • Weigh out the strawberries, and put half of it into the bottom of a bowl.
  • Then once the porridge is heated through, put this over the strawberries, and then top with the other half of the strawberries.
  • Finally to finish it all off, top with the milk chocolate chips.
  • Sit down, and enjoy!




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