Braces: Fifth Adjustment (Week 32)

It feels so recent that I posted my last update! But I’m having another adjustment so here’s another update.

In this adjustment my orthodontist changed the wire on my bottom teeth. I didn’t see my usual orthodontist, but the one I saw was so lovely! She had planned on changing the wire to a bigger wire than she did, but she felt it would be too awkward to fit it. So she fitted a larger wire than the one I had, but smaller that the one she initially planned on.

If my teeth have moved enough next time, then I will have the wires changed on the top and bottom to the bigger wire that wouldn’t fit this time. And then I get elastics. So fingers crossed I have a lot of movement before then.

I’ll be honest, I don’t feel like my teeth have move too much recently. But looking back at previous updates, they definitely have. So to anyone who is considering getting braces, or has them already, take a photo before your appointment, and then before your next appointment in 6-8 weeks time. And you’ll be amazed at the progress.




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