Review: Hourglass Lip Stylo – Influencer

So my local SpaceNK have started to stock Hourglass and here’s how I feel about it… I love Hourglass as a brand. Their products are amazing. They are cruelty free. But my bank balance is having a negative impact!

I wondered into SpaceNK with a £5 off voucher on my points card. And I had to pick this up! It’s £29 (without my voucher) and I was immediately drawn to it when I went inside the door. I picked up the shade Influencer, but honestly, there are so many great shades.

The product itself is very soft and I speak from experience here, be careful not catch the lipstick on the lid when you put the lid on! It’s a very hydrating formula which is much more pigmented that I expected. As it wears, the initial sheen and shine disappears, but you’re left with the colour of the lipstick as more of a matte. And I love that because the colour is what drew me to the lipstick in the first place.

So here’s to spending more of my money on Hourglass!




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