Becoming Vegetarian

So this wasn’t really a planned decision, but I am now a vegetarian. No shade to anyone who eats meat, this is just a decision that I made. As of the 14th of April 2019, no more meat for me.

Within the last 4 years, I haven’t eaten meat for breakfasts, or lunches. Aside from an occasional fry-up, about once every 2 months. That’s it.

And in terms of dinner, maybe 2 meals a week would contain meat. So I’d often have 5 full days a week with no meat. So this move kind of just happened!

Also, as I don’t use cruelty free makeup products, I wanted to make a bigger change to the treatment of animals.

My hubby is joining in too. In fact, he kind of half suggested the whole thing. He is vegetarian Monday-Friday, so he can eat meat at the weekends. But he has decided that he no longer wants to eat chicken (he’s always been a bit iffy about chicken). Being vegetarian Monday- Friday is a good way for him to cut down on his meat consumption, and maybe over time, he’ll cut it down further. I can hope!

Often at the weekends, my hubby and I go out to eat, so him eating meat, and me not, won’t be an issue. I’m full vegetarian. Whereas he will be part-time vegetarian.

Here’s to some vegetarian recipes coming soon!




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