Redecorating my Lounge

It feels like forever ago that we ordered our new sofa. And to be honest, it took 16 weeks to arrive. DFS estimated an 8 week wait, and it took double. So whilst I love the sofa, I wasn’t too happy with the wait time.

So this first photo shows how our lounge used to look. We had a neutral beige sofa, with a purple rug and cushions with purple detail.

And this is how the lounge looks now with the new sofa. I managed to sell the old sofas, and then bought a rug and few cushions with that money. The thing I love about this new sofa is that we got a footstool that matches the sofa perfectly. We can use this like in the picture below as it was intended, but we can also make it look like the sofa is ‘L’ shaped. It’s great to not be stuck with one particular shape. And the sofa itself is huge, I can nearly lie out on it completely!

Now to try and convince hubby that we need to redecorate another room!




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