Braces: 7th Adjustment (Week 48)

The time is honestly flying. I have nearly had my braces on for a year. And I’d do it all again if I had to.

So as it’s sooo close to my 1 year anniversary of getting of my braces put on, here’s a comparison of before I started the process, to now.

In this appointment, I had my bottom brace wire changed to an even stronger wire, and then tightened. My orthodontist is happy with the progress and I need to keep wearing my elastic bands. I usually only have about 1 hour a day for eating (you take the elastics out to eat). But he’s asked me to wear two elastic bands in the evening and overnight (or longer if I can) to help the progress along. So I’m going to wear two elastic bands all day, everyday, aside from when I need to eat.

I spoke to my orthodontist about how much longer I’d need to have my brace and he seemed to think about a year. So fingers crossed this time next year, my brace will be off! The gaps from my teeth extractions are getting much smaller so I’d love to be brace free by this time next year.




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